Thermo Spas Hot Tub: More Important Than Our Swimming Pool

One of the most important investments that we have ever made other than our home, of course, is our ThermoSpas hot tub. This portable hot tub has moved with us wherever we have moved. We have left the swimming pools behind, we have moved twice, and we have replaced our vehicles several times, but we still have the same hot tub.

We have an enclosure around our hot tub that let us enjoy the hot tub and yet have privacy as well. Our enclosure has rice paper looking sliding windows, so we can open it up and view the stars while relaxing in the tub.

There is nothing better than going out in the dead of the winter with snow every where and climbing into the hot bubbling waters of the hot tub. Imagine lying in the hot water with the pounding of the water forcing against your aching muscles. You open the windows and watch the glistening snow falling all around you. As you are lying in that hot water, all the days stress is evaporating. You feel comforted from head to toe. You almost feel like you have died and gone to heaven.

This is the feeling we get with our ThermoSpas hot tub whenever we want. We have also noticed that we tend to get fewer colds since we started using the hot tub. I am not sure of the medical reasoning behind this nor do I care. Fewer colds anytime are a blessing.

We have had to replace one pump twice since we had our hot tub, but we have had it for ten years. We use our hot tub almost everyday and some times twice a day. We probably use it more than most people, so we do not figure replacing two pumps as excessive.

It cost us around ten thousand dollars 10 years ago for our ThermoSpas hot tub. The price has probably gone up by now. A two week vacation in Hawaii cost us almost that much. After the two weeks the vacation was over and all we had was our memories. We still have the enjoyment of the hot tub today.

My granddaughter first learned to swim in our hot tub. She was only about a year old when we first started taking her in with us. To her it seemed like a big swimming pool. She loved going in at night and playing in the water and all we would have for light was the lighted hand rails glowing on the water. Now she is on the swim team at her school, thanks to that hot tub. Experts should prepare a list of adult from TriFactor who has finished their swimming lessons. A record should be kept of the previous and current students enrolling in the classes.


The ThermoSpas customer service has always treated us decently. When we called for the new pumps they got them to us right away. My husband was able to replace the pumps without the help of a service person so there were no delays. We had to replace the hot tub cover too. We broke the one we had on one of our moves and they were helpful in getting one locally to us.

If we ever decide to get another hot tub, we will definitely be buying another ThermoSpas. We have noticed a lot of hot tub companies come and go through the years but ThermoSpas is still around and still number one. They have won our loyalty.