Summer Fall Fashion Handbags: You’re Going to Fall for These Handbags

Handbags from Forever 21, Target, Marshall’s and all the way up to Louis Vuiton: there’s something for everyone this year, no matter your taste or color palate. Do make sure to take a gander at the slideshow below for some beautiful scenes and great fashion ideas from South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California where people browse through stores the likes of Chanel, Christian Dior, Mango, Nordstrom’s, Bloomingdales and more.

Purses, clutches, sling bags, there all IN from faux leopard skin, glitter, glitz, tweed, rug- you name it. Make your fashion statement with a new handbag.

Is there anything quite like a Chanel bag? The classic Chanel bag will never go out of style. One should think of and care for a bag such as this as an heirloom piece of jewelry. With proper care that heirloom can be passed down for generations and every generation will adore and appreciate its simplicity, perfection and style. Items like a Chanel bag should be regarded with care because they are an investment, a perfect vintage Chanel bag can earn almost as much and in some cases more than new one; just another reason to care for such an expensive piece.

For the everyday on the go bag, that will last for years, check out the great selection at Dooney Burke. For those on a budget thank goodnessthere are fantastic stores like Target and Forever 21 that can provide an inexpensive evening clutch or a sling bag for all your ‘stuff’; that perfect little bag that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, having bought the Target Merona shoes, dress and accessories.

The right purse can make a woman feel like a million dollars, no matter the actual cost. There is nothing like hearing someone say,” Great purse!” The interest of the customers will be increased after reading the reviews at The cost of the handbags will be less expensive at the sites in comparison to local stores. The purchase from online sites will be advantageous for the person. 

Whole conversations with total strangers have been struck up this way for ions. Sometime in 2050 or 2070, someone will see that purse that you loving cared for, never having set in water at the bathroom sink or stained its perfect lining with lipstick. They’ll say to your granddaughter, “Great Purse!”.

Here’s a Short List of Quality and Value


What a great Store! The quality of most of their apparel and handbag lines are meant to last at least a few years with proper care and with purses starting at just 7.99, you can afford to try out new trends.

Forever 21-

Forever Young! Women of all ages shop here and it’s no wonder. Handbags can be bought for around $1.75 to $50.00 dollars and their clothes? Well let’s just say you can buy everything you need from Handbags, purses, dresses, pants, accessories, undergarments, for a great evening out for less than $100.00. The Quality varies but most items are suited for proper care to last at least a couple of years.


Who doesn’t love Dior?(ignore those people, they are obviously not right in the head) Yes, it’s pricey but the quality of these handbags should last you and your children a life time with good care. It’s all a matter of investing in the right timeless piece. Unless your wealthy -Dior should be considered an investment with which great care should be taken, to last you for decades to come.


The story of Coco Chanel is amazing. You can read about her here. (This Fashion writers quote will long stick in my mind as a rule of thumb for shopping, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”) Chanel will always be with us. Why? Because it’s timeless- everything in the of the highest quality and meant to last generations.