House Cleaning – is This the Job for You?

No matter how tight money gets during an economic downturn, there are always homeowners who find enough extra cash to pay someone to clean their house. While this may seem like a very easy and lucrative way to make a few extra dollars for eager individuals anxious to contribute to their family’s monthly income, there are several points to consider before taking on one or several house cleaning jobs. Read this article before getting out the mop and broom and making house cleaning your part or full time job.

Are You Physically Able To Handle The Work? Cleaning houses is very taxing on the body. While your spirit may be strong, you must take into consideration the limitations you have with your physical self. If you have an existing physical condition such as arthritis or Epstein Barr virus that causes you to feel pain or exhaustion when exerting yourself, cleaning houses will likely exacerbate the condition and symptoms. If you have simply slowed down with age or frequently find yourself getting tired in the middle of the day due to any number of minor or major health problems, you should certainly reconsider taking on house cleaning as a suitable way to make extra money.

Are You A Motivated Self Starter? While cleaning houses, you will likely not have anyone looking over your shoulder and directing your actions. You will need to be able to keep yourself on task and motivated to complete the job in a timely manner. If you know that you perform best with a supervisor close at hand to encourage and motivate you, then house cleaning is not the right job for you.

Do You Need Flexible Hours? When negotiating a cleaning contract with a potential client, there is often plenty of wiggle room in regards to when the job will actually be executed. Most people who hire someone to clean their home have little issue with what day or time frame the job gets done, as long as it is completed in a regular and timely fashion. If you have responsibilities and commitments elsewhere and simply need a way to make extra money that does not require you to start work at a particular time each day, then house cleaning may be the perfect job for you.

Can You Effectively Deal With House Cleaning Clients? You may occasionally encounter a dissatisfied or unreasonable client when cleaning houses. Do you have the personality to deal with difficult or critical customers? If you know that you generally have a difficult time having patience with unreasonable or picky people, house cleaning may not be the job for you. A successful house cleaning business often gets started by positive recommendations from initial clients. If you do not have the skill set to pacify difficult people and turn a potentially negative situation into a positive one with your upbeat and calm personality, you may find that your work in house cleaning is over before it started.

Do You Have An Eye For Detail? Homeowners who employ people to clean their houses expect a thorough and detailed cleaning job in exchange for a generous and mutually agreed upon wage. While you may cut corners when cleaning your own home, you will certainly not receive praise or an extended offer of employment if you frequently cut corners when cleaning houses for your clients. You must have an excellent eye for detail and be able to swiftly and thoroughly clean all nooks and crannies of a home when working to secure your employment and keep your employer pleased and satisfied.

It is just a matter of willingness because if you stop treating it as a menial job, you would find that it is an excellent task that is good for exercise and you don’t need to depend on any maid service and waste money on them when you are quite handy at play here.