How To Add Personality to Your Social Media

Have you been struggling to keep up with interesting and engaging posts across your social media platforms? Are you not sure how to write effectively for your audience? Here are some quick tips that you can action now, which will help you add personality to your social media.

As a social media manager myself, I understand the creative blocks you can come up against when trying to develop interesting content again and again.

Yes, there are ways to search the web for up to date and relevant content for your industry- but sometimes, you can have the latest and greatest but still, finding that engagement can be a challenge when you are just writing down a quick paragraph and posting away without being creative about how you do it.

My tip for you:

You might have a printing business, work for a retail chain or perhaps are working away on your blog, whatever biz you are in, chances are it is possible to give it a personality of its own. How do you work out what it is? Write a little story down, give it the background and history it needs to develop the shape of the brand. Do you need Real Subscribers for the YouTube channel? Then the safe and secure means is adopted. The background of the website is checked to purchase the subscribers. The history requires to be clean and neat for the availability of the required genuine followers. 

‘Smiths Fish & Chips’ The best in town…

Smiths is full every afternoon, being right on the water it is a local favourite and tourists end up there when visiting because the are drawn in by the line that runs out the door. Trent’s voice projects the number of the order up and hungry customers excitedly collect their hot brown paper packages and make their way to the water’s edge to dig in. Smiths is original, unique and alive with energy. Staff are run off their feet every hour of the day and the family that own the establishment live and breathe their business. They are passionate about keeping the traditional ‘fish and chip shop’ alive and customers respond by coming back again and again.

If you were to describe Smiths Fish & Chips in 5 words:

By having a bit of fun and summarising your business into a paragraph, a bit of a character starts to take shape.

“G’day everyone! We are unloading some of the freshest Tiger Prawns our team have seen here in years… We are betting that they will fly out the door today, so get in quick before Trent eats them!” <use photo taken at the shop here>

Above in the example, I have used certain language- by using the greeting ‘G’day’, just as the owner greets his customers in person, followers can begin to get to know people that work at the shop. By using a little humour when it comes to creating a matter of urgency, it becomes light hearted and entertaining, rather than a hard sell. By ensuring that a photo is also added, it adds visual interest to the post.

Although the business that you represent is not likely a fish and chip shop, you can see how stepping outside the business and writing a paragraph to develop the character will help you find a unique personality for it.

Write down a paragraph on the business your represent- even if it is an online store or blog, it is possible to capture the essence of your brand in a paragraph. Then, list five descriptive words to describe the business as I have done above- step outside the square here and look at it from your customers point of view. Now that you have taken an objective look, have a go at reflecting this unique personality in your next social media posts.

Practice this not only when you have something to sell, but make attempts at communicating with your audience and really engaging with them- do this by sharing stories, related news and inspirational quotes etc.