Like Pages On Instagram – What is the role of like pages!!

People who Like Pages on Instagram for strictly social purposes tend to typically Like, share and comment at far greater rates than marketers. But why is there such a reluctance amongst marketers to use social media in the same fashion? Part of the reason is that marketers don’t want to be seen as unprofessional. When they invest time and money into their campaigns, the typical consensus is that “Liking” is for basic users, not for marketers. Instagram story viewer is the best way to know about the views at the platform. The marketers are doing an excellent work with the skills and excellence. The fulfillment of the social purposes is great at the platform. The work is done professionally at the site.

After all, a lot of basic fans Like practically everything. They Like their own posts, all of their friends’ posts, they even Like Instagram itself and random pages that pique their curiosities. So it’s understandable that marketers don’t wish to go that route. However, there are quite a few advantages to hitting that Like button for other pages you encounter on the site, especially pages within your niche and market.

6 Key Reasons to Like Competitor Content

1: To Enable Real Conversation

As a personal user, you can comment on everything; as a page (i.e. your business/brand), you cannot – at least until you Like someone’s page or post. So if you want to engage in real conversation with someone, whether it’s another business or just a fan, you can Like them first and then comment as your page on that particular piece of material.

2: To Increase Your Overall Visibility

When you Like material, your page instantly picks up more visibility. There’s a fine line to walk here, of course, so you don’t come across as a spammer. But in terms of the benefits, greater visibility ultimately leads to increased depth, and you can achieve this by simply Liking someone’s content.

3: To Separate the News Feed

When logged into Instagram as your page, you can click the Home button and see a special News Feed comprised of only the pages that you’ve liked. This is a great way to separate things into a more manageable stream, not to mention that it enables you to view any potentially important posts from a B2B contact or another important contact.

4: To Participate in the Social Experience

It’s tough to be a one-sided presence on a social media site. You have to realize that the overwhelming majority of your fans are Instagram users first and foremost, not simply your fans. After they’re finished checking you out for a couple of minutes, they’re going around and viewing other material from other users and pages. Participating in the social experience by Liking (and sharing, commenting, etc) makes your brand come across as a lot more engaging.

5: To Build Your Brand Reputation

Engagement is important, as mentioned directly above, and thus you can actually improve your brand’s reputation with what you Like. Your fans can ultimately see what you Like, and so you have a great opportunity here to do some PR and some savvy marketing by Liking certain pages and posts in your wheelhouse and in the wheelhouse of your fan base.

6: To Keep an Eye on the Competition

While you may want to view the goings-on in the B2B genre or keep an eye on your fans, you can also keep an eye on your closest competitors by Liking their material. You can see what types of posts they have, if they’re running promotions, etc. You can draw inspiration here, work to outdo them with marketing, and see if you’re ultimately attracting the same type of fans (or even the same exact fans).

The idea here isn’t to rush out and hit the Like button for every piece of material you see. But whether it’s because you truly like something or seek to gain a tactical advantage, that Like button can be a solid tool to use in your Instagram marketing.