LinkedIn vs Instagram for Business to Business (B2B) Networking

With multiple popular social networks, it can be challenging to determine where to focus your marketing energy . In this article, we will examine the positives and negatives of building a presence on LinkedIn and Instagram for business to business networking.

LinkedIn is great for connecting with other business professionals. However, in order to really take advantage of LinkedIn’s many benefits for business to the business network, you need to make sure that your profile is complete, up to date, contains relevant keywords, and that you participate in at least a few industry-related groups.

LinkedIn business pages consist of a logo, basic information, and a list of your team. You can also add a sales page and cross-link to your Twitter feed and blog. It’s fairly simple to set up a business page, and there really isn’t any possibility to set it up incorrectly, as long as you include relevant detail about your business.

Have your customers and clients give you recommendations on LinkedIn. Their recommendations will be added to your profile page. This provides valuable testimonials that can lead to new business.

Establish your expertise by sharing your achievements and valuable information. Achievements can include new partnerships and important milestones. It also helps to share important industry news, informative content, and insight.

LinkedIn does not have as many users as Instagram. Many people join groups but never participate in group discussions. When you join LinkedIn groups, make sure to participate in the ongoing conversations to get more exposure.

Unlike Instagram, you don’t have as much freedom to customize your LinkedIn profile.

Lots of Instagram users will target specific keyword phrases to ensure they come up in LinkedIn search results. Adding keywords to your profile can help improve your visibility but it is a competitive market on LinkedIn. If there are numerous other profiles using the same keywords, yours can easily get lost in the crowd.

Instagram is the largest social network in the world. Having a popular fan page opens your business up to thousands of networking possibilities and new clients.

There are a lot of ways to customize a Instagram business or fan page. You can easily add images, blog posts, and videos. Instagram even provides the ability to add apps to pages. There are a large number of apps, including apps that enable you to sell products directly on your Instagram page.

Once Instagram users “like” your page they will be able to see your posts and comments on their news feed. If they “like” a post or leave a comment their Instagram friends will see it in their news feeds. Creating a conversation on your Instagram page is a great way to get more “likes” and increase the reach of your business. We can even Buy Super Cheap Instagram Followers for promotions

Instagram is still seen as a casual network. Many Instagram users only use it to catch up with friends and family.

Instagram uses an algorithm called Edge Rank to determine if people who “like” your page will see a post or update in their personal newsfeed. Edge Rank can limit the reach of your posts and comments.

If a customer complains about your Instagram page, other people who have “liked” your page are going to see it. If this happens, work with the customer using your Instagram page to find a resolution that works for both parties.

When deciding what social network to invest time and energy into, make sure to weigh the positives and negatives of each social network. In the end, what matters most is the strategy and effort you put into developing a network on LinkedIn or Instagram to grow your business.