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“I don’t remember seeing any recent social platform have such a huge brand take-up, almost from day one.”

“We think Vine has shown glimpses already about being the future of advertising. It's incredible just how much you can say in 6 seconds.”

“Vine is rapidly grabbing the attention of brands and other influential users, especially retailers and fashion houses, that are trying to create new visual ads for smartphones.”

“The six second video format allows greater opportunity to creatively tell a brand narrative.”

“Michael Litman describes Vine ads as "brand blips"; he considers them a strong medium for content marketing because they "[don't] need to be 'watched' to be seen -- there's no decision-making process by the user.”

“Now that more and more brands are experimenting with Vine to create their own Twitter six-second spots, even if you aren’t a strategist, it’s a cool and useful site to check out.”