The Surefire Strategy to Build Awareness and Attract Client on Social Media

Yesterday I wrote about resources one can use to get started with social media marketing. Today I answer another question from Zara:

What are some of the strategies that you use to attract an audience for businesses on social media?

One of my most successful strategies is to offer my client’s ideal customers something they can’t refuse. This is easy to grasp and adjust for almost any type of client.

First, I work with my client to determine who the client’s ideal customers are and figure out where those customers go online. Then I ask, “what I can offer them that they aren’t getting from competitors that’s related to the brand?” It helps to think about what customers are doing before and after using your service and determine how you can assist.

Here are two examples:

ABC Transportation is a taxi company operating in Kingston, Jamaica. It specializes in late night trips for persons who go clubbing or partying and prefer not to drive. These tend to be college students and young professionals. They frequent Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I would provide a map or list of clubs, bars and late night restaurants in Kingston. It would feature ABC’s tagline and contact information. Persons will most likely download a copy and share it with their friends. The next time they want to plan an outing or find some food, they would refer to this map.

Additionally, we could provide updates on social media of special events happening in Kingston. Persons would follow us to get these updates to help plan their nights. This would build awareness and put our brand right in front of them on a long-term basis.

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XYZ Bridal is a bridal agency which plans tropical weddings on the north coast of Jamaica. Their clients are foreigners who want an exotic experience, but don’t know much about wedding planning or Jamaica.

For XYZ, we can create a Facebook tab with a checklist for planning weddings on the north coast. This list can also provide recommendations for hotels, wedding venues, floral boutiques, etc.

On their Facebook page, they also have two weekly series of posts. Travel Tuesday provides tips for travelling for bridal couples and guests. Ask Me Anything allows fans of XYZ to ask any questions related to weddings and get them answered for free on the page.

This brand has made themselves an indispensable resource for couples getting married in Jamaica. If they decide to hire someone to help, XYZ will be a natural choice.