Top 10 Health Resolutions

New resolutions are made each year for health reasons. We all want to be better and live healthier but we have to stand behind the promises that we make to ourselves. In order to make sure that something does take place we need to come up with a plan to make sure that it will happen and plan for contingencies in case they don’t to get up back on track. So what are the top health resolutions for 2010? I thought you’d never ask.

Numero uno is losing weight. Let’s face it we all ate too much over the holidays. The last two weeks or better yet the last two months of the year are a big challenge for anyone. Why did they come up with the holiday season like that anyway? As many weight loss companies have pointed out simply losing ten percent of your body weight is enough to put your body back on the fast track to health improvement. According to Nutshell Nutrient ( losing weight is certainly a challenging task. But with the right attitude, disclipline and of course, the right guideline to follow, you can certainly achieve it.

Get in shape and exercise regularly is another resolution. If you lose weight but don’t retain muscle your body will end up as one big flabby mess. You might be thinner but you won’t look like it. We all need muscle definition and the only way to do that is to exercise. Sorry there is no quick fix.

Resolution number three is to eat healthier. This goes hand in hand with losing weight. You don’t have to count every single calorie that goes in your mouth. As long as you eat properly and don’t overindulge then you can still have that cake or pie. You must have some form of self-control. If you have none then perhaps eliminating it is best for you.

High cholesterol levels can lead to a stroke. If your family has a history of high cholesterol levels you might want to start getting yours checked. Resolution number three will help to lower the cholesterol. You want to raise the good cholesterol as this will help you in the long run.

High blood pressure is the silent killer. The past year I have struggled with my high blood pressure. I know that plenty of you also have this problem. It doesn’t seem to matter what pill your doctor prescribes it will only lower it a little bit. I have got to get this under control for better health.

Reduction of stress levels is important. When I had a fulltime job my stress levels were constantly high as I was always thinking about my job and what I needed to do even when I was away from my job. I used to get terrible headaches that will instantly go away once I left the building. Many people scoff when they think that stress doesn’t affect them. It does even when you can’t feel anything it is affect your organs, blood pressure and mental health. We all need to learn measures to lower our stress naturally.

I have gotten away from eating my daily dosage of 35 fiber grams per day. This was a big factor to losing weight. I am going to resume this regime as it will coincide with weight loss, lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

I hate to give up fat. It makes everything taste so good. Butter is one of my indulgent pleasures. I could be a Paula Dean follower with my love of butter. But too much fat can kill you so I will need to choose smaller portions of the fat and switch to olive oil.

I am not going to quit drinking alcohol, but only in moderation when celebrating with friends or family. I am going to commit to drinking my eight glasses of water each day. The body will not function properly without adequate fluids.

I am going to plan a relaxation trip. I had one last year with a girlfriend on a getaway trip to Charleston, SC that was quiet and peaceful. I believe this helped me beyond reason. So I aim to have another one this year, but haven’t quite decided where. I do know that they are necessary to reflect on yourself, your life and your future goals.

What are some of your health resolutions for 2010? If you can’t come up with ten at least come up with your top three and try to work on achieving them throughout the year.