Which Are The Best Virtual Mailboxes For Professionals And Digital Nomads?

A Virtual Mailbox Service

A virtual mailbox service as the name suggests is probably the best mail forwarding service and offers a permanent mailbox, address and helps in collecting the other physical and postal mails for the users. The companies that offer a mailbox service either for business or individuals include different services that allow the users to receive their mails and packages and also help in storing them safely.

The mail forwarding services have several features like mail notification, opening, and scanning mail, mail forwarding, shredding, disposing, and recycling services. Most of the virtual services offer online viewing and a base monthly price is fixed depending on the different services that the customer requires. If the address that is put up needs to be changed, then a complete USPS form is to be filled and it can be received anywhere in the world.

To sort through the various options one should start by listing the different requirements and options that are available. Some of the basic requirements from a mailbox include a physical address or the P.O Box, paper box forms, and an affordable price.

The best virtual mailboxes

Some of the best virtual mailboxes are-

  1. Anytime Mailbox

These services are put up in different locations like Canada, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Europe. There is a wide range of plans available and one can choose from the different features.

  1. PostScan Mail

This mail is available at different locations across the US and they have started expanding internationally and have plans that start from $9.95 per month. These plans include free open and scan requests, storage, and recycling.

  1. US global mail

This mail offers individual family plans every month for 12-24 month periods. One can get the scans of the outside of envelopes received and the only additional fee will be charged for shipping.