5 Dating Tips

Going on dates can always be a little nerve-wrecking, whether it is with a woman you have known for ages, or a woman you are taking out for the first time. This is true because men worry about saying the perfect things, wearing the perfect clothes, etc. Even some of the most experienced men have doubts about what they are doing and/or saying to their dates. Sometimes you just need a few tips to get you headed towards the right direction because we have all been there with the days our brains are not functioning as well as we would like. Then we tend to beat ourselves up because we let our nerves get to us. Well here are 5 tips to impress your date and to stay away from those dreaded awkward moments:

1) Try and get some flowers before the date.

This is a very important one, especially for the first dates. Most women love receiving flowers. It will be a nice surprise for them to see you show up with those in your hand, which will lead to a much more comforting night. This will also help you get some of the nerves out of your system as will it for her so that you two can have a fun-filled evening together talking about whatever you please.

2) Always dress nice, but do not think you have to go overboard.

Women like men who are presentable in public, but do not necessarily care if they are in a tuxedo and all that fun stuff. They want to know that they are with a down-to-Earth person who isn’t only obsessed with how they look and are only looking forward to seeing and being with them. They want your priorities to be on them and not their Armani suit, or your Oakley sunglasses. They want you and only you.

3) Be Considerate

Women love a man who is considerate. They want to know that they can go to you for anything. If they have some kind of problem, they want to know they can go to you for help as well as their friends. Women take time to build trust with. They sometimes need someone’s shoulder to cry on who is not their best friend. Never act bored or roll your eyes with her if she starts gossiping (even if you really want to). At least ACT like you care, and go on with it. If you really want to get away from the conversation, do it nicely, while giving the woman of your night a chance to talk. Invite her inside, or offer her a drink, or something along those lines.

4) Be Honest

Always be honest with the woman you want to start a relationship with. Women are tough to gain the trust of. They can like you, even like you a lot without trusting you. They want to know you will be there for them and that everything you are saying, they want to know is true. Women feel much more comfortable around men that they trust. That can be very rewarding for the both of you in the long run. Women tend to be very emotional at times, keep their emotions on the good side and tell them the truth. Sometimes it is not easy to, and sometimes it might get you in trouble. But you will earn much more respect with simply being honest with her. If she is not the one for you and you know it, still be honest. Do not burn your bridges, women talk. Sometimes being unfaithful to one woman can really backfire for your next.

Honesty is the best policy is one phrase that you must have heard since childhood and this is the best place to apply it as women love people who are honest and truthful to their personality and not show offs because times have changed in the 21st century. There is an interesting app called okcupid that has interesting few pointers in this matter so better consult it for good measure.

5) And last but more important; BE YOURSELF!

No woman wants to be with someone who tries to act like someone or something they are not. Nobody wants that, nor do they think that is attractive. Just be yourself, talk to her like she has been by your side forever. Keep things simple and you will do just fine. If you act yourself, and not like a hotshot, your reputation will go way up (in a good way of course). She wants to know she can have fun being around you. If she does not know whether or not YOU will show up as opposed to someone you’re trying to be, she will flee faster than the speed of light. Just be yourself, laugh at what is funny, talk when it is appropriate, and do not think she wants you to be a superhero. She is with you to be with YOU, not superman. She would not be there with you if she expected that.


Hopefully these tips help you on your future dates. So go out there, entertain your lady, and simply have the time of your life.