5 Ways To Get Used Our Of Your Old Coffee Cans

There’s nothing like a hot, steaming cup of coffee, but what do you do with the can once all the coffee is gone? If you throw it away, shame on you. You can recycle old coffee cans into several wonderful things. Why not consider one of the following ways to recycle your old coffee can the next time you run out of your favorite caffeinated beverage. This top article will provide you with the top 5 ways to get used our of your old coffee cans.

5 Ways to Recycle Old Coffee Cans #1: Container for Nails and Screws

An old coffee can is a wonderful place for loose nails and screws. You can recycle an old coffee can and then recycle all those paper bags from the hardware store that used to house your nails and screws. This is a perfect way to recycle small coffee cans.

5 Ways to Recycle Old Coffee Cans #2: Container for Office Supplies

Don’t you hate it when your office supplies are rolling all over you desk? This is such a great way to recycle an old coffee can because it clears the clutter off of your desk. To make the old coffee can more attractive, wrap some fabric around the can, which is a great way to recycle all those scraps of leftover fabric.

5 Ways to Recycle Old Coffee Cans #3: Cheap Canisters

We all have packs of ketchup and other condiments lying around the house from our last trip to our favorite fast food place. But what do you do with all those little packs? Well, you can recycle an old coffee can of course. You won’t believe how great your old coffee cans look once you have decorated them. For this project, you will need some white fabric, a fabric pen, and a hot glue gun. First, measure the coffee can and measure and cut the fabric. Measure the fabric again to find the center of the fabric. Once you have found the center write the name of the contents that will go inside your new canisters. Then all you have to do is glue the fabric onto the old coffee can. These look really nice if you use a nice gold or black fabric pen. Besides condiments, you can use these for tea bags, packs of sugar, and so much more.

5 Ways to Recycle Old Coffee Cans #4: Container for Craft Supplies

All those loose craft supplies can really get in the way when you are trying to work on a project. To solve this problem take old coffee cans, decorate them, and place your craft supplies for different projects in different coffee cans. You should of course label the outside of each can the same way you labeled your canisters.

5 Ways to Recycle Old Coffee Cans #5: Junk “Drawer”

We all have tons of junk lying around the house. Whether you have keys to unknown locks or watches that need new batteries, it’s still considered clutter. To clear this clutter you can create another canister that is to be used for a junk “drawer”. I highly suggest using a large coffee can for this project.