A Guide For Single Parents Dating – Check the guide

It is a fact that single parents dating don’t have it easy. Dating in general has its own set of challenges. Dating when you have kids? You can just imagine how much harder that is! However, just because it is difficult, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. While single parents already have the company of their kids, they still need the companionship of a lover. This is where dating comes in handy. If you are a single parent ready to go back to meeting new people, here are some tips to keep in mind:

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  1. Inform your date of your situation

Before you go out on an actual date, the other party must know that you have a child. It is a general rule for single parents dating to inform the date about his/her status immediately. If the other person is not made aware that you have a child from the beginning, it will cause problems later on in the relationship.

  1. Introduce your date to your child/children at the right time

This is something all single parents dating should know: introductions should only be done if the relationship between the parent and the other person has turned serious, and could possibly lead to marriage. You can’t keep introducing every date, especially if you don’t know if they’ll stay or not.

  1. Make the introductions casual

Because children don’t have ideas of ‘date’ and ‘relationship’ yet, letting your kids meet your date in the park will do. Keep everything relaxed and laid back. Use a different approach with teenagers, though. Also, gradually introduce the person into the family. Single parents dating know how disastrous it will be if a parent just brought someone home to the kids with the declaration: ‘This is the person I’m going to marry!”

  1. Speak to the children

When it comes to single parents dating, it is the happiness of the parent that is the priority. Nonetheless, you should not fail to consider the opinion of your child/children about the matter. Most kids have this idea that their parents will eventually reconcile, so the news that you are dating other people may upset them. Sit with them and explain the situation the best way you can.

  1. Speak with the ex

In single parents dating, speaking with the ex is just as important as speaking with the kids. Never ever let the child/children tell your ex about what is happening; the news that you are dating must come from you and from you first.

  1. Don’t be a parent to your date’s child

In the instance you find yourself dating another single parent, don’t attempt to discipline the child. If the child is rude towards you, address the problem to your date instead of reprimanding the child directly. If you discipline the child, things can get problematic between you and the person you are dating. All single parents dating must be aware of this rule.