Focus On Your Banner Design

Banners play an important role in branding. So, by focusing on your Banner Design you will be able to stimulate more click-through traffic, and more importantly, increase your sales. Luckily enough, it is a highly effective marketing tool that is inexpensive and is widely used by all the website design agency London as they optimize the sites they design, making them compatible with banners and designs. With today’s technology, we are able to take advantage of these graphical web-advertisements, and by following these guidelines, you will have a successful online marketing presence:

  • Look at competitors’ websites/banners:

Before getting into design, check out other companies. Whether they are competitors or not, see how they are advertising their products or services. For example, if you sell electronics or TV’s, look at popular sites that sell these items.

  • Confirm your budget:

Make sure you have a realistic budget for advertising. For instance, websites that have higher search engine optimization (SEO) rankings may charge more because they are higher in the search results.

  • Banner Location:

Another essential aspect of having a successful banner design is located on the website. Certain locations may help attract more traffic and determine the success of your advertisement.

There are other factors that can determine the correct placement of your banner. Placing an ad at the top of the page was thought to convert more traffic to your site. However, this may only be true if your banner attracts viewers, and if the site does not have to be scrolled down. Different advertisers will debate on where to place a banner ad. Although, there is no arguing that having a web banner right next to the scroll bar will never be missed by viewers, and potentially result in more conversion.

Depending on your theory of where your banner will convert more traffic is entirely up to you; each location has its advantages. So, by focusing on your web banner design, you will be able to have a marketing presence within your available budget and witness all incoming traffic. Keep your message short, and watch those click-through rates rise!