Handing Over Your Data To A Third-Party Transcriptionist? – Do This

Often people find it challenging to trust third-party firms that offer them the service required, such as transcription. Handing your confidential or business recordings to a transcriptionist could be risky if disclosing the information to the outer world. Therefore, you should know a few tips that could be useful to safeguard the data and ensure privacy.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Or NDA Signed By The Service Provider

Any service provider who agrees to get your work done should sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement. They could be held liable if the confidential information in the recordings gets leaked. Legal charges can be pressed against the culprit if they share the information with anybody.

Hiring Local Transcriptionists Vs Offshore 

Hiring a local transcriptionist makes it easy to monitor them regularly and verify any data security breach. Moreover, since they are legally established, you are familiar with the local laws and can expect compensation if any legal transcription services make some mistake. 

Meanwhile, hiring an offshore transcription service could get you cheap service rates, but it also becomes hard to monitor the service provider regularly. Therefore, if you are choosing an offshore provider, make sure it is a registered firm.

Vetting The Transcriber Is Essential For Your Own Good

Most online transcription service-providing platforms might appear genuine, but you should vet them thoroughly before handing over the confidential data to them. Check their user reviews, search the internet for any negative news related to the firm and compare their service quality with others. This may include prices, turnaround time or data security policies, etc.

Using these strategies, you can ensure the safety of your crucial data, and you should ensure that the NDA is signed for after turnaround so that your data cannot be leaked even after the service is closed