Hiring A Injury Law Firm – What To Look To Hire The Lawyer!!

If you have been seriously injured, it’s crucial that you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to work on your behalf, filing a lawsuit if applicable and to negotiate a fair settlement. An effective personal injury attorney can literally determine whether or not you are compensated for your injury. But how do you find an attorney you can trust? The following information will help you make an informed decision and find an injury law firm and attorney that will be your best advocate.

First, Do Actually Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Not every claim against another party calls for an attorney because the circumstances and the facts actually dictate when hiring one is warranted. For instance, if you’ve been injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault and the other driver has good coverage on his insurance policy, you may be able to successfully handle the claim without an accident attorney. Following the accident, the driver who was at fault’s insurance adjuster will contact you to ask for information regarding your claim, including your medical claim, medical records and bills, property damage and lost wages. Cooperating by providing the information typically results in some sort of settlement offer in the hopes to avoid litigation. Having said that, it’s important to be cautious about the information you provide to the opposing side, especially when fault or liability is contested. It’s quite common for insurance adjusters to try and prove fault and diminish the value of the accident victim’s claim. In addition, even when the fault is clearly on the other driver, adjusters usually try to low ball the victim’s claims with an offer that’s not fair for the damages and/or injuries they’ve suffered. In order to sufficiently protect yourself, you may want to consider retaining a personal injury attorney early on during the process. The majority of lawyers provide free advice to their clients regarding settlement offers that might have been extended in a probable case.

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Ask for Referrals

It’s important that you feel confident about the personal injury attorney, you hire because you don’t want to end up second guessing them throughout the process. Use your existing network of friends, family and various professionals that you know for a referral. It shouldn’t be that difficult because most people you know have probably have themselves, or know someone that has been seriously injured, slip and fall, experienced a dog bite or have been involved in a wrongful death suit. In addition, if you’ve retained an attorney in the past for another civil matter that you had a good experience with, contact them and ask for a referral.


When it comes to hiring an injury law firm, you’ll need to go with a reputable one that is made up of injury attorneys that are ethical and experienced, backed by a good track record. An experienced attorney will know a lot of claims adjusters after years of dealing with numerous insurance companies and more than likely will have developed an effective working relationship with them. They’ll also have the reputation of not settling cases when the offer isn’t adequate, or be a tough litigator that insurance companies won’t want to fight with. Among the many factors that insurance companies consider when evaluating an injured individual’s claim is who their attorney is. This also means that if you’re represented by a personal injury lawyer that the insurance company doesn’t take seriously, they’ll try to resolve your personal injury claim for less money.

Find an Attorney That Specializes in Your Case

Some personal injury attorneys limit their practices to wrongful death, catastrophic injuries and medical malpractice. Many others concentrate on toxic poisoning related cases, slip and falls, car accidents and workers’ compensation. You need to find a lawyer that specializes in your specific case type. In addition, don’t be embarrassed to ask any questions you have, including their experience when it comes to trying cases like yours. You should also find out everything you can about their credentials and see how much you can find out about his or her standing in the legal community regarding the attorney’s education, knowledge and skills.


There is a reason that lawyers have a bad name; there are some that deserve it but not all. You’ve heard the saying that “one bad grape can destroy the whole bunch”, which pertains to just about every situation in life. Sure, there are personal injury lawyers that commit ethical violations, but still continue to practice law. The good news is that you can help protect yourself by contacting the State Bar to find out whether or not the personal injury lawyer you’re considering has ever faced ethical discipline.