Hiring In The Cannabis Industry

It’s the people that really make a venture succeed or fail. In the cannabis industry manufacturing mail order marijuana, hiring the right executive, grower or budtender is pivotal, particularly in an industry that has many regulations, and in fact, is still illegal under federal law. In terms of human resources, the landscape is further complicated when it comes to compensation and consumption. To clarify the issue, here are some aspects one should look at when it comes time to staffing a grow operation, distributorship, or retailer.

When seeking out a candidate, hire for the qualities you would for any other successful business. Select someone with good communication skills, who have passion, commitment, and drive, is there for something more than the money and maybe in this industry, the nuance. Conscientiousness is crucial. One of the most important aspects may be great problem-solving skills. This is a volatile industry that keeps changing. You need someone quick on the uptake who can navigate a complicated and ever-changing landscape with patience and panache.

In terms of salary, executives in other industries get $250,000 plus other incentives. Cannabis-based businesses are mostly startups and can’t offer six figures. One way to lure in top talent at any tier is to make a work environment they will enjoy and have a mission that they will be interested in being a part of. One important aspect recruiters are raising is some owners in the cannabusiness don’t properly document employee performance. If and when it comes time to let someone go, without proper evidence, it can become tricky. You may have to shell out for unemployment, at least. Work out the cost of employee turnover. But make sure you invest in the initial hiring phase. Try to get the right people in there from the get-go.

Most cannabis-based businesses are startups. They can’t afford to hire a staffing firm. But once a business is big enough, it could help alleviate human resource problems and save time. Have a good employee handbook with what company policy is written clearly for anyone to read. If you are in the medical realm, decide how you feel should you hire someone who themselves takes medical cannabis. Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable having their medicine in sight or on the premises. Have a policy in place.