How Car Covers Make a Smart Car Owner

Car covers are used to protect your car from elements like dirt dust or any forms of precipitation. The 25 best car covers of 2020 are determined after considering the cost-effectiveness and comparing the features of the product.


The quality of the car covers depends on features like:

Fabric type or breathability of the fabric- it should prevent any moisture accumulation underneath the cover as this can lead to rusting

Durability and materials used- The type of covers vary according to the mode of use. 

If you are going to leave your car outdoor for a longer period you have to buy a custom made one for it to last for longer periods.

Locks and clips: The car covers should be equipped with car lock to keep it secure and in place from a wind.

 Smart Car Covers

During winter when the car is at risk of major winter problems smart car covers gives your car complete protection. It is installed in the front and rear bumpers of your car. The temperature sensors and heating element sense the change in temperature and kick in to keep your car safe from any accumulation of snow, frost or Ice.

 Recommendation of 2020

The 5 best car covers of 2020 are made based on their ability to fully comply with the features mentioned and the pros and cons of the product. They are: 

  • Oxgord executive storm-proof car cover
  • Pros- 100% waterproof,7 layers of protection, soft interior, available in 6 different sizes
  • Cons- Heavy, can be oversized for small cars
  • Classic accessories overdrive polypro
  • Pros- Material on Point, 2-year warranty, affordable
  • Cons-Small for large cars, not water-resistant.
  • Kayme car cover
  • Pros- aluminium layer blocks UV rays, easy to install, available at different sizes.
  • Cons- Stitches are unendurable, not suited for outdoor storage as it can’t withstand winds.
  • Motor Trend Pro series xl cover 
  • Pros-Multi-layered fabric, ultimate in protection.
  • Cons-General sizing, outer layer tends to crack.
  • Bdk Max Sheild car cover
  • Pros-Durable and soft, semi-custom fit.
  • Cons- Not waterproof, might be a tight fit

Car covers are used on the inside and outside of cars. Outside covers are thick and waterproof while inside covers are light and soft. It also helps in making your car look new and to save money for maintenance or repairs. So choose your car cover after considering all the options available to you.