Low Doses Of Vitamin C: The Culprit In Chronic Illness

The U.S. RDA of Vitamin C was recently boosted from 60 milligrams, to 75 milligrams for adult women, and 90 milligrams for adult men. Big whoop! That dose might be fine for someone living with absolutely no stress levels or real life to contend with, but most of us aren’t in that situation are we? With the huge job that Vitamin C does for us, that dosage wouldn’t put a microscopic dent into what we need in our high stress lifestyle society.

Before I owned and operated my own health food store, I took some nutrition classes given in my community by a locally well known nutritionist and learned that, most animals except a few, including humans, make their own Vitamin C, and because we do not, we need quite a bit of it to maintain optimum health, especially with high stress levels. Our adrenal glands literally soak this stuff up, because they respond to our high stress levels with hormones to combat it. The cells of the adrenals use Vitamin C at a vey rapid pace and they need that much more the higher the stress level gets. With stress levels as high as they are, and our adrenal glands working as hard as they do, how can we possibly expect them to function well on a 75 to 90 milligram dose? That seems completely insane, and honestly it makes me wonder if these levels are purposely kept low to keep us sicker in general so that the medical and pharmeceutical communities are kept busy.

Just to give you an idea of how much we need daily, maybe I should make you aware that and average sized dog’s body, around 60-80 pounds, will produce around 2400 milligrams of Vitamin C daily. Just on a normal basis. That level will increase at times when there is high stress levels of any kind….an injury, an illness, whatever it may be. Now, with a dog of that size making that sort of Vitamin C level, why wouldn’t we humans, who don’t make our own Vitamin C, need more than 75-90 milligrams daily? Thats just not going to create flourishing health, and we’ll find ourselves with ailing in general.

As a child I struggled greatly with asthma and found myself constantly getting ill with one cold or another, which progressed into alot of lung infections. As a result I missed a great deal of school, and until someone told my mother to give me bigger doses of Vitamin C, I did not get better. She started giving me doses of 1000 milligrams daily. Then my general health improved and I found was sick much less. I have continued this practice to this day only in doses of around 4-5000 milligrams daily and have extended it on to my own family. I try to get the kids to take a chewable tablet every few hours or so…. I keep it on the counter, and they have all been trained to take one and chew it throughout the day. The older ones are better about this than the little ones, but now they have that in their heads, and will more than likely carry that into their own adult lives. My oldest daughter struggled for quite awhile with repeated rounds of strep, until I increased Vitamin C levels with her.

Vitamin C does such a vast amount of things its hard to keep up with it all! Aside from being a antioxidant that quenches out toxins, its critical for brain function because of its role in nuerotransmitter activity, it is crucial for bone and tissue growth, and has a role in helping the mitochondria, energy producing substances within our cells, to help create energy. It seems unwise on all fronts to keep ourselves from larger doses of this vitamin. Our bodies can absorb about 500 milligrams at a time. I generally suggest people chew it in that amount every few hours around the clock during waking hours. Such low levels of this vitamin will only lead to chronic illness….and who needs that? The bacillus subtilis will provide excellent dental health to the person. The liver function of the body will be removed from the body of the person with effectiveness. The Vitamin supplies should be appropriate in the body.