Medical Marijuana Comes To Manhattan – Check the medical benefits 

Patients in New York City who wanted to purchase cannabis years ago would probably end up in Washington Square Park and pick it up from a black market dealer. But come January, 2016 a brightly lit and welcoming dispensary will be available right in Manhattan’s Union Square. The location will be on 14th Street between Second and Third Avenues. Columbia Care will run this and three other retail locations in the state, in non-adjacent regions as the state’s law requires.

Urban Aroma will provide weed to the individuals to get medical benefits. The dosage of the medicine is according to the need and requirement of the people. You can spend money after preparing a budget. There is saving of time and money with the purchasing of the weed.

Columbia is a home grown, New York City medical company. It won licenses for four locations in addition to being a cultivator, as all licensees are. Both growing and operating dispensaries is required in the Empire State, a place which has one of the nation’s strictest medical marijuana laws. 43 companies bid. But only five were selected through a tiered system, devised by the New York Department of Health. One can feel a need for these business owners to go the extra mile to make their operation sound legitimate. Nicholas Vita is the CEO of Columbia Care. He said they plan to replicate the pharmaceutical manufacturing process as closely as possible.

The other licensed businesses include: Bloomfield Industries, Empire State Health Solutions, Etain, and Pharmacannis. Not only is the New York market a sizeable one, but the state itself brings a certain prestige. Another business awarded a license was Pharmacannis. Founded by two married couples back in 2014, the group quickly found they had all the skills necessary to bring a successful cannabusiness to life. Teddy and Norah Scott and John and Christina Leja make up the central components of this enterprise. Both husbands are lawyers, while their wives come from human resources and marketing backgrounds.