Most Important Introductory Tips For Tik-Tok Beginners

Lip-syncing app Tik-Tok has been there for quite some time now, previously as Tik-Tok. The app has got popularity among all age groups, but it won’t be unfair to say that teens rule the platform.

Who owns Tik-Tok?

A Chinese company called Bytedance owns the platform. The company has to be given credit for the kind of scale they have managed to get for their platform.  An app that offers just 15 seconds of screen time per video, reaching a size like this fantastic in itself.  About one billion users have downloaded the app ever since Bytedance has acquired the platform. And the number is increasing every day. Now we will talk about those users, how they can make the most out of the platform.

Starting with the app

At the start, Tiktok download would seem pretty similar to other social networking and micro-video blogging site.  You can create an account by entering your email address and phone number. You also get the option to log in from third-party sources like Facebook and Google.


For new Tik Tok users, it is always great if they keep a headphone handy. It works as a tool to get the most out of the app. Also, the second most crucial thing that you need clarity about before you start your Tik Tok journey is privacy. If you don’t want strangers seeing your content, you can make your account private by clicking on privacy and safety.

Uploading videos

If you have a video in your gallery and you want to upload it on Tik Tok. All you need to click on the plus button at the home page of the app. From there only, you can your favorite filters, transitions, and sounds.

The app is straightforward to use. In just a few visits, you will get comfortable with the user interface of the app.