Myths About Laser Hair Removal That Need To Be Debunked

Removing unwanted body hair can be bothersome. Though there are a plethora of methods to get rid of the hair, but they are not the long term solutions. In addition, once the hair starts growing back, the itching or the ingrowths can be irritating. Even some methods can cause pigmentation once the hair is removed.

Fortunately, there is one method that is free of all these issues; laser hair removal. However, people have associated a lot of myths with this way of hair removal. So here are listed all the wrong-beliefs and the reason why they are not true.

Myths About Laser Hair Removal

First keep in mind that for the laser hair removal, you need to visit a professional who is trusted. You can also go for the best laser hair removal nyc 2022.

Myth 1: Laser Treatment Grows Denser Hair

In the list all the myths to be busted, growing denser and more frequent hair is the first one. However, when it comes to scientific data, laser hair removal actually does the petty opposite. It reduces the hair growth from 10 to 25 percent. The thickness, density and the growth rate decrease to a great extent after successive sessions.

You can see these visible results by yourself. Even the hair that grows back is much lighter as well as finer than the previous growth. Thus, the myth is completely opposite to what the reality is.

Myth 2: Laser Treatment Is Not Safe

When it comes to laser hair removal, the safety depends upon the system used in the treatment. The once recommended by the FDA are the safe one. Thus, when this treatment is carried out by a certified dermatologist whose system is approved by FDA, it is safe.

Many people are worried about the radiations. If the system is approved, it does not emit those harmful radiations. Hence, there is no problem if you choose to go for the laser hair removal.

Myth 3: You Can Get Your Hair Permanently Removed Only In One Sitting

Though the laser energy works by damaging the hair follicles, it cannot remove the hair permanently in on session. Depending upon the growth and density of the hair, it may take 6 to 8 sessions to see the visible reduction in hair growth. It may even take more sessions if depending upon the genetic factor.

Myth 4: Laser Burns The Skin

This one myth is pretty subjective. For the people that have dark skin tone may even suffer from burns after getting their hair removed by laser. However, for other skin types, burns are pretty rare after this treatment. To be on the safer side, you should consult your dermatologist. You also need to choose the best laser hair removal nyc 2022. 

Myth 5: Laser Hair Removal Is Extremely Painful

When it comes to pain, this method is one of the least pain causing ones. When compared to other traditional methods like waxing, it can be considered painless. Though if you are pretty sensitive, then you may feel pinprick sensation s while this process is going on.

Myth 6: Laser Hair Removal Is Only For Females

Previously, there was this belief that only female could go for hair removal. Thus, many men decided to stay away from any sort of hair removal treatments. But nowadays, it has changed completely. Even men today are more aware about the personal hygiene which made more men to be interested in hair removal.

Since laser hair removal is one of the best options, you can even find men going through it. from beard shaping to removal of hair from chest, men are also taking sessions to have lighter and finer hair.