Start-Up Employland Want To Simplify The Aulandsrekrutierung Of Professionals

In many industries, in Germany, the shortage of skilled workers is felt for a long time. It is getting harder and harder to meet the demand in their own country. Therefore, more and more companies to look abroad for suitable employees. Even if, thanks to a qualified professionals initiative of the Federal government have improved since 2012, the legal framework for qualified immigration, hesitate small and medium-sized enterprises, foreign skilled workers.

They fear the red tape. In addition, there is hardly a human resources department that knows the rules and regulations to entry visa, residence and work permit or the recognition of qualifications. Especially if the candidate comes from a third country and not from the EU. And it is precisely here that the Hamburg-based Start-Up Employaland with the Ready-to-work services: The skilled lawyers to support the entire process up to the commencement of work in Germany. And the Start-Up helps also, of course, at the beginning of the search for the suitable candidates that can be done at

On the German – and English-language Website, employers can find qualified professionals from the EU and third countries as well as international graduates in Germany. A majority of the registered professionals already have basic or advanced knowledge of German. About new matching candidates can be staff Manager by E-Mail notify. Favorites lists allow for an efficient Search. In case of a successful mediation, Employland receives a Commission from the employer. This is 10% of the first gross annual salary and will only be payable if the new employee has started the job.

The offer is a good example of this is that it is not sufficient today to only provide a Portal to the network. The customers want today is often an all-Round Carefree package, in order to solve their problems in a sustainable way. Further trust is built, the Start-Up, by there is detailed information available on the website. From my point of view, appropriate references, and individual industry solutions are still missing. But the founding team is at the beginning.