Tested Natural Stop Smoking Aids

The commercials encouraging you to stop smoking are showing up more and more. The brain of a 28-year-old on a table, so that the producers can show you a blood clot that can show up in the brain because of smoking. An amputee, the child of a person who has suffered and died from lung cancer. Regardless of the commercials, unless you are ready to quit smoking, these commercials have no effect.

If you can quit for three days, the worst is said to be over. At this point, your physical dependency is gone, and you need to battle a mental dependency and the forces of habit.

I became aware of these stop smoking aids such as dab rigs under $100 as a result of my husband’s strep throat. After 3 days he finally felt well enough to get himself out of bed. He also realized that he hadn’t had a cigarette in three days. This being the first time in over 15 years he had ever done such a thing, he wanted to keep the momentum going.

We looked at the lozenges as a stop smoking aid, because he had already tried and failed with the patches, twice, prescription pills, and the gum. Finally, he really felt that he had already gone three days without the nicotine and that it was essentially out of his system. He didn’t want to put it back by using a nicotine supplement, so I started looking for natural supplements as aids to stop smoking.

There are a number of recommended natural stop smoking aids. wile writing your reasons for wanting to quit on a card an carrying it with you is a nice idea. Anyone who has ever done it and forgotten about the list only to smoke a cigarette anyway knows this won’t work. He needed more than willpower and more that sentiment helps him fight his cravings and habitual smoking habit.

St. Johns Wort is an effective natural supplement that is recommended to help improve the feeling of well being. While there are no scientific studies concerning the effectiveness of the herb to help quit smoking, the fact remains that the herb will increase dopamine levels in the brain. When you begin the process of quitting smoking, your dopamine levels drop. You feel sad, depressed, and stressed out. St Johns Wort can help increase these levels and keep you from reaching for that cigarette instead to increase the levels and promote well being. While St John Wort is nor recommended for pregnant women, or, people already taking other antidepressants. Get your doctors OK before you begin taking anything that is no prescribed to you.

Begin taking the St. Johns Wort two weeks before you begin to quit smoking, it takes at least this long for the herb to build in your system so that it will be effective for your quit day. Available in any grocery, health food store, or pharmacy, follow directions on the container for dosage.

5 HTTP is an amino acid that mimics Serotonin in the brain. When you became a regular smoker, your body became less effective at producing this chemical that helps you feel good, happy, and at ease. Ideally, you should begin taking it according to the directions on the label 1-2 weeks before you quit smoking, to give it time to build up in your system.

Licorice Sticks, or Chew sticks as they are called, are available online or from your local Jamaican grocery. These sticks are 6-7 inches long. Using a small knife you peel away an inch or two of the bark, and you suck or chew on the stick. It has a very strong licorice flavor. Licorice is very good for digestion, which makes the perfect item to have on hand to fight after-meal cigarette cravings. It also freshens breath and cleans teeth. Even if you don’t care for the flavor of black licorice, the sticks are also available in fruit flavors to help mask the licorice flavor. This can help with after-meal cravings, the taste that is left in the mouth after using is like that feeling you get after a cigarette. In addition to digestive and cleanliness benefits, this also will help calm you and if you really chew on it can help remove unwanted frustration.

Lobelia is an herb that can be drunk as a tea, and the chemical mimics the same effects as nicotine on the brain. It is also called Indian Tobacco and I have read that it can be smoked, and has been used in the treatment of asthma and is supposed to clear the lungs. For out purpose smoking the herb seems counterproductive. We have been using this herb as a tea. 1/4 – 1/2 tsp of the herb can be steeped in hot water. Steep for 30 minutes, and drink a small2 oz cup up to 4 times a day. This herb is considered to be poisonous and can make you sick of you use too much. Your local health food store will have more information. I have sweetened this wile warm, strained after steeping time, and refrigerated it so small servings can be poured into little espresso cups.

My husband has been using the above treatments and is still smoke-free. He is finally convinced he is not the kind of person who can smoke just one cigarette once and a while, this was his downfall in the past. One cigarette would turn to two until he was buying packs of cigarettes all over again. He knows he must be totally smoke-free.

At the current time, he is still smoke-free and it been nearly 3 weeks the longest he has gone without any nicotine in many years.