Ultimate Guide To Pokemon Go For Beginners 2021

Pokémon is a popular character among people, and so is the game that is named after it. Released in 2016, Pokémon Go gained a huge fan base and created records with astonishing numbers of installations and time spent by users in the app. The competitors included Twitter, Tinder, and WhatsApp. Pokémon Go game may not be still familiar to all but might be enthusiastic about playing at least once, and that is why you arrived at this page.

How does this work?

Pokémon is a fictional character that could be compared to animals and are trained by humans to fight against each other. The game Pokémon Go even though has the feature of such a fight known as the gym is not the prime focus but just collecting the Pokémon from your surrounding using augmented reality (AR) technology. So as you get starts, you will be able to see notifications about the Pokémon that are present nearby you which have to be caught using Pokéballs. 

As you go on collecting, you will get experience points (XP) and so promote to higher levels one by one. While levels 1 to 20 looks easy, it gets tough from there on and many users leave then on from this game. To start the game, all you have to do is logging in with a Google, Facebook, or Pokémon trainer account.

Tricks for level ups

As you develop the habit of playing games, you become crazy about collecting more points and Pokémon. Here are two tricks that you can follow to level up your account.

  • Buying a prolific Pokémon Go account gives you more points, gifts, and rewards
  • The technique of GPS spoofing allows you to collect the Pokémon wherever they are even without moving a single step from your house

While people enjoy this game, they can also buy prolific accounts at pokemongoaccshop.com which enhances the value. When you are that crazy about the game, you can’t go anywhere else than to do it.