We Bring To You – Seven Tips for Getting Better Texture on Stamped Concrete!


The stamped concrete looks extremely attractive and inducing. It gives a rustic look and allows places such as gardens to stand out. Some people also use it in their parking spaces, the walking ramp, and other locations of their surroundings. Since the demand for stamped concretes is increasing so much, we bring you 7-tips for getting a better texture on the Stamped Concrete NH

What are the 7-tips for giving attractive texture to the stamped concrete? 

  • Start early – experts say that you must start the stamping process early. If you need the tamper to bottom-out the stamped concrete NH, then you are a little late. By early we mean that you should be able to push the joint lines of the stamp into the concrete for the full texture. This step takes a little experience, but you will get through it. 
  • Evaporation retarder – weather plays a vital role in the making of the concrete stamp. Every pore of it can get affected because of the same. So try an evaporation retarder to maintain balance. 
  • Mag-float the surface – mag-floating the surface before stamping it will give it an admirable texture. It is one of the best techniques you can try. 
  • Use a textured roller – You should use a roller with a finish of itself around the edges, pipes, and columns. It will give it a superior look. 
  • Wear textured soul shoes – these shoes can be worn over the boots that you wear. Since the soles of these shoes have texture, you can easily climb up on the concrete and put the stamp, and it will give a smooth quality. 
  • Plan the process – You cannot stamp anywhere just like that? Plan and then proceed. It will save time and also ensure perfection. 
  • Liquid release – the people use powdered form, but we suggest you try the liquid liberate as it shows a better image of the texture when the concrete is released. 

Try these methods and let us know if you found success!