What Is The Complete Procedure To Start A Company In Andorra?

Andorra is a company that has a modern jurisdiction, due to which opening a new company in this country is relatively easy for the person as the burden of the tax is also relatively low in this country. Therefore, in order to open a company in this country, a person will just have to go through the simple procedure that will help the person to open the company efficiently.

  • First of make the reservation request for the name of the company. This is the first and the foremost step that helps in creating some sort of differentiation of the new companies with the already existing companies.
  • The next step for the creation of the new company is just to create the status of the company.
  • Initial share capital must be deposited by the person in the bank account of Andorra. For opening this account, the person will have to deposit all the essential documents that are required for the identification.
  • Now the owner of the company will have to visit the notary in order to get the constitution of the company done.

Once the steps as mentioned above are completed by the person, then the company is just started, and the person can start with the various activities that he wants to perform on that company.

Hopefully, after reading the above steps, it is quite clear that the steps mentioned above are the one that needs to be followed by the person before he starts with the company in the Andorra. The steps are also written on the various official sites so that you can get the detail in the various languages.

Even the impuesto Sociedades andorra are so minimal that a person can easily bear them. This is the main reason people prefer to open a company in the country.