Where To Buy Food Pet During A Coronavirus Shortage

The scene has been repeating since last night. Big supermarkets with empty shelves and dozens of people trying to get their hands on the last packet of macaroni.

Although this was the picture that some people showed yesterday on their social networks, there should be no panic, because according to ANGED (National Association of Large Distribution Companies) supplies are guaranteed. Likewise, Juan Roig, president of Mercadona, has guaranteed the supply and asks that there is no panic.

F1B Goldendoodle Puppies are available at reasonable rates and you can choose the right size. The training and feeding of the breed is with the intelligence. The learning of the body language of the puppies is essential to have the best results. There should be no shortage of the food for puppies.

Therefore, it is possible that during the first days at the last minute there will be a lack of products and some shelves will be completely empty but it is a situation that is only happening at the last minute but there will not be problems of shortage in general terms. It is also something that is usual at the end of Saturdays or on the eve of holidays when people make major purchases.

But if you can’t make the purchase first thing in the morning, don’t worry, remember that many supermarkets have online shopping so you can have everything you need without even going to the store.

In COCINILLAS we have compiled the ones we like the most so that you can do your shopping during the coronavirus crisis. Do not fail to consult the essential foods you must have at home in case of isolation, our guide to essential products to have in the pantry during a coronavirus quarantine or start preparing the best recipes that can be prepared during this crisis.

Amazon Prime Now

The popular American online shopping company also has its own supermarket, and has proven to be one of the most sought-after alternatives during the current crisis of coronavirus supermarket shortages.

One of the great advantages of Amazon Prime Now is that, being a Prime customer, we can have the purchase at home within 2 hours. However, due to the current high demand, orders are arriving the next day. It is expected that this time will grow as the day progresses, especially if new measures are announced. However, this service is only available in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.


The other large chain of hypermarkets operating in Spain, Alcampo also has a portal to buy without leaving home.


The Eroski group’s shops, supermarkets and hypermarkets also have various online shopping services where you can choose between placing an order to have it delivered to your home the next day or picking it up yourself within two to four hours.

Gadis and other local supermarkets

Many local supermarkets, such as the Galician Gadis, tend to have more neighbourhood establishments, so they tend to be delivered to practically all the postcodes in the town where they are located. Many of them also have the option to buy online.


Although it is a Galician supermarket, Froiz also has some establishments in Madrid, the city where there is most talk of shortage, although we repeat that, according to ANGED, at the moment it is not a problem that requires special measures. This supermarket also has online shopping.